With the ongoing awareness wave of health facts; people have a concern about the agricultural supplies that are being grown un-naturally. Prime Green Food Processing is one of the best among Agri Product Exporters. We ensure that the product we are exporting needs to adhere to all the international food quality standards.

There are many Agri Exporters in Pakistan who export their products in the international market. Health-conscious people are collecting more information on the hazards of synthetic production of fruits, Vegetables and Animal Forage especially our Corn Silage, Wheat Straw Hay & Rhodes Grass Hay. This leads them more towards organic fruits instead of fruit with chemical processing. We offer garden fresh fruits & veggies and other animal forage, those are 100% chemical-free and all-natural.

Our exporters and farmers take great care, to maintain hygiene, it is a big part of Prime Green Processing. As well as to prevent any contamination throughout the process of cultivation and export. To make our products globally popular we check each step in the process and monitor it precisely.


With most advanced farming methods we have come to the point of best production process.

The Openfield Timeline

Supplied food and animal feed to FAO-UNO. Built its relation with customers
Exported animal feeds to Cameroon, Chad, & Nigeria Exported animal feeds to Cameroon, Chad, & Nigeria
Exported corn cob for mushroom farming to ROK. Shifted to the new office in Lahore
Partnership agreement with Durrani Farm
Started to export rhodes grass to Dubai, Baharin, Kuwait, Qatar, & ROK. Launched Pakistani mango in ROK
Expanded animal feed
Launched a project with University of Agriculture Faisalabad in Pakistan. Expanded animal feed business to wheat straw, grains, and feed additives


Joint Venture

Prime Green, an Agriculture leader, and Point of Solutions, an IT innovator, have united forces in a groundbreaking joint venture.

Point of Solutions & Prime Green
A Transformative Joint Venture

Prime Green, an Agriculture leader, and Point of Solutions, an IT innovator, have united forces in a groundbreaking joint venture. This collaboration seeks to revolutionize agriculture through cutting-edge technology.

In the world of farms, where every seed planted shapes our lives, PrimeGreen stands tall. It’s like the guardian of all things green and growing. Now, imagine giving these farms a little bit of digital magic.

That’s where Point of Solutions steps in. They’re like the wizards of technology. Together, they’re teaming up to bring farms, stores, and more into the digital age.

Think of it like this: when PrimeGreen ships goods, it’s not just boxes in a warehouse. It’s a dance of data and technology, making sure everything goes where it should, when it should.

Together, we breathe life into warehouses that pulse with the rhythm of algorithms, we turn stores into havens of data-driven decisions, and we sculpt malls into hubs of virtual possibility. Farms cease to be mere plots of land; they become digital sanctuaries, teeming with insights and innovation.

Come join us on this journey. Let’s turn every field, every warehouse, every mall into a beacon of digital excellence. It’s not just about technology; it’s about making the world a better, smarter place, one line of code at a time.